Easy & fun beginner Sewing projects

What’s the Project? Looking for some easy, beginner sewing projects to get you started sewing and comfortable on your machine? Here are 25 free patterns and tutorials that are perfect for a beginner to learn to sew on. 

I know who you are! You’ve got a brand new sewing machine (or brand new to you anyway-maybe it’s been sitting in a closet for a while but you are too scared to use it) and you dream of sewing up fancy and fun things, but it’s hard isn’t it? You’re new and it can be frustrating trying to sew projects when your skills are still young.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho sewing

No worries though because I’ve got your back! Sewing doesn’t have to be terribly hard. In addition to a whole bunch of Learn to Sew lessons, I’ve also got a whole bunch of beginner sewing projects gathered together for you today. Easy sewing tutorials and free patterns that you can try as a beginning sewer. Are you ready for these?!

Most of these easy beginner sewing projects are just straight lines and some simple skills. If you aren’t comfortable with any of the skills listed, good luck as you get going on all of these beginner sewing projects and sewing crafts!

I hope you love these fun and simple beginner sewing projects! I’d love to hear which ones you are going to try out first!

free craft book

Beginner Sewing Projects











Library Tote Bag

Simple Sewing Projects








                                                           Laptop Case

Easy Sewing Projects












  Easy Tote Easy Tote Bag Tutorial











Birthday Banner

Sewing Crafts

Superhero Cape

Easy Sewing Projects

Diaper and Wipes Carrier

Diaper carrier

Burp Cloths

Easy Baby Burp Cloth Pattern and Tutorial

Key Fobs


Mini Messenger Bag

Beginner Sewing PatternsEasy Belts

Easy to Sew Kids BeltsToddler Bib

toddler bib and smock hand towel title

Felt Monsters












Have fun sewing these beginner sewing projects! If you are a beginning sewer just remember that sewing takes time, the seam ripper is your friend and be patient with yourself. And remember that no one else is going to be as critical of your final results as you are…so go easy and make it fun!

And be sure to explore the site because I have TONS of sewing inspiration for you!




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